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Mandegar Aluminum Industries Co.has created a database of suppliers in order to expand the supply chain and identify partners and suppliers to cooperate with for providing better services.In this regard, reputable and capable domestic and foreign companies applying for cooperation with Mandegar Groupcan register in the supplier database as follows:

  • After studying the website of Mandegar Group, if your field of activity is in line with the needs of Mandegar Group, please apply for “membership” through the following link.
  • After completing all the requested information and clicking on the “final registration and submission of information”, Mandegar Group will review the information and evaluate the eligibility of the applicants.Please note that “final registration and submission of information” cannot be completed unlessthe requested information and mandatory attachments are completed.Also, completing all the required information forms and attachments will affect the final evaluation score of suppliers.
  • In the end, we will contact the suppliers whose products and services are needed.

Through the above steps, the information of the applicants are registered in the suppliers database of MandegarGroup and usedas approved vendor list for procurement of the group’s needs.

Procedure of entering Mandegar Group Approved Vendor List (AVL)


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    For candidateswho believe can be good suppliers for Mandegar Group

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